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“I hate to admit that I love my family ”

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“Loki is my brother and I am Prius

Kili’s sick.
He’s very sick.

Kili’s sick.

He’s very sick.

the desolation of desolation of smaug by marciana

theladyarwen: something with Kili

Anonymous asked: thorin: why did you let your whole family fall into ruin? You let Fili and Kili die to save you, and your own sister succumbed to the grief of losing all three of you. You should have done something to save them all instead of being blinded by your selfish greed for the arkenstone.


Let me just get a low down here:

To the wonderful mun:

((I’m sorry man but Jesus I don’t have a good IC response for this I AM TOO BUSY SOBBING))


These dwarves being your family and taking you in at a young age, despite you being a human.

But people do things to survive, and then after they survive, they can’t live with what they’ve done.
— Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master’s Son  (via lonachu)

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